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Checklist when entering your new home 2020

When your long awaited house move has finally taken place and the most stressful bits are out the way. You’ll be left with the not so enviable task of unpacking your boxes and settling in. However there are a few other things to do that might not have crossed your mind but can be important. Especially before you get started with the unpacking. Here is a handy new home checklist.

Check nothing has been left behind.

Sometimes due to the volume of tasks at hand and the stress involved in a move. The previous owners of your home may well have left some things behind. If you were to discover something that you weren’t expecting. Be it some furniture or somebody else’s personal belongings. It’s important to try and get that sorted as soon as possible.

If you have the contact details of the previous owner then you may be able to contact them directly to tell them they’ve left something behind. They may be grateful and arrange for whatever it is to be picked up right away. You could also contact the estate agent to pass on the message for you. In the rare occasion that unexpected things have been intentionally left behind because they were unwanted and you don’t want them either. It is the previous owner’s obligation to get rid of them. In this case again contact the estate agent who can help liaise with the next step. So it doesn’t become a headache for you.

Check your new home has been left to an acceptable standard

Although it is usually seen as a common courtesy to clean the house from top to bottom for the new owners to move in, this isn’t always the case. Some people for one reason or another can leave their home in a not so liveable condition. This is rare but does happen, so you may need to be prepared to give the new house a spring clean as best you can before starting to unpack or even before the furniture is moved in where possible.

Check for any damage

During the course of a houses life there’s bound to have been mishaps that have caused slight damage to walls or features. This doesn’t usually bother most people as they’re usually easy to fix or you’ll be planning to re do the decoration anyway. Other more serious things however may not have been immediately obvious when you went to view the house. Structural damage that you weren’t accounting for can become a major issue to rectify, not just time wise but financially as well. In these instances you as the buyer may be entitled to rescind the contract and/or claim damages. As this is against the law

Meter readings

You’ll want to take your meter readings as soon as you can once gaining access to your new property. You can then call your current suppliers and give them the readings to ensure a seamless transition from your old to new property.

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