Guide to moving a Grandfather clock

When it comes time to moving a Grandfather clock it can seem a daunting task. It could be of great monetary value or maybe just of significant sentimental value. Either way there are certain things that must be done before the clock is actually moved. Or else you could end up damaging it requiring repairs at great expense to yourself.

Thankfully A D Keebles, having worked in the industry for over 30 years and specialising in antiques and fine art, we can help. This guide to moving a Grandfather clock will take you through the process step by step, ensuring it arrives in its new destination without harm.

  1. Gather the necessary tools for the job
    If you plan ahead and gather all the supplies you’ll need to complete the task. You’re guaranteed to have an easier time. We recommend having bubble wrap, transit blankets and a cable tie at the very least. But having moving boxes, packing paper and a sheet of laminate will also make transportation that much easier. You may also need a screwdriver.
  • Get to know the inner workings of the clock
    This is an important step as it allows you to familiarise yourself with the proper name for each part. Although not all Grandfather Clocks are exactly the same, the working parts are all very similar. The hood of the grandfather clock is the removable box at the top of the clock with a glass face. Inside we have the pendulum, which is the part which swings. This is hooked onto the pendulum guide. Inside also houses the weights which are hung from either chains or cables.
  • Removing the hood
    The first step of the process is to remove the top of the clock which has a glass face. It may be screwed. Once the screws are removed, the top of the clock can then be carefully taken from the body of the clock. Once this is done, this part can be packaged accordingly for safe transporting. This might involve being bubble wrapped and boxed or using similar padding.
  • Removing the weights
    Start from the left hand side and remove each of the weights off of their chain. Label each of the weights so that they can be returned to the same position they were removed from. These can also then be protected by wrapping them in bubble wrap and placing them into a box.
  • Securing the chains
    Now the weights are removed you can use some packing paper or bubble wrap and ensure that they aren’t going to become tangled in transit. This will also help to reduce the chains from swinging around and potentially damaging the inside of the clock.
  • Removing the pendulum
    Once you have stopped the pendulum from swinging you can unhook it from the pendulum guide. This part of the clock may be quite fragile so extra care should be taken not to bend anything. Now you can protect the pendulum with bubble wrap and place carefully in a secure place.  
  • Secure the Grandfather clock in the van
    The safest way to move the clock would be to transit wrap it with blankets. Then use some form of tie to secure the clock directly to the side of the van. This way when you are moving the Grandfather clock via vehicle it cannot move around and get damaged.
  • Rebuilding the Grandfather clock.
    Once you have your clock where you want it. You can follow these steps again but starting from the bottom and working up.  

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