What to do with your broadband and energy suppliers when moving home 2021

On top of all the other aspects of moving one of the last things you might think about is what you need to do with your gas and electricity supplier. Then there is your broadband. How do you move that? Who do you need to contact? And will it cost you Money? This post will tell you what you need to do with your broadband and energy supplier when moving home. There contact numbers and their moving process.

Moving home with Virgin Media

While you might feel like you have a handle on some aspects of moving house (like not forgetting to pack the kettle). What you need to do with your Virgin Media during your move is something to add to your long list of things that you probably have no clue how to deal with.

Luckily Virgin have a service that should make moving your broadband relatively easy and stress free. They recommend giving them at least 30 days’ notice before the date of your move, so make sure this isn’t something you leave to the last minute. Otherwise you may experience some service disruption!

Step 1 – Ensure your new address is Virgin compatible.

Virgin Media doesn’t cover every area of the UK, so you will need to check. Simply search for your postcode on the Virgin – Home Moves section of their website https://store.virginmedia.com/movers.html?
If your new house is compatible then you can continue with the process.

If not and you still have a while left on your contract, then you will have to pay an early disconnection fee. This fee is calculated on an individual basis but is capped at £240, so you will not have to pay any more than that. If this applies to you then give this number a call so they can get you disconnected 0345 141 0111. 

Step 2 – Details you will need to provide.

  • Account number (found on your bill or ebill).
  • Current/old and new address.
  • Contact number.
  • Moving out date.
  • Moving In date.
  • Preferred installation date. (If required)

All this information can be submitted online or over the phone.


Step 3 – What to do on the day of the move.

Once it comes time for your move you will need to bring all of your Virgin devices and connections. Such as set top boxes, Broadband Hub, home phone, cables and splitters (where required).

Step 4 – Installation

If your new home hasn’t had Virgin before than you will need to organise for an engineer to come and set up your services. This can be done through the same process you will already have done above. Moving your broadband could not be simpler!

Energy Supplier Check list

Before your move:

  • You will need to let your current energy supplier know the date of your move. It is recommend that you ring them at least 48 hours before the day of the move. You should also give them your new address so that they can send you your final bill.
  • On the day of your move you will need to take a final meter reading and send this onto your supplier. You should keep a record of this yourself to avoid any chance of discrepancies.
  • If you are in a rental property then your meter reading should be passed onto the landlord.
  • You may also want to leave a note for the new occupant that tells them who is currently supplying the energy to make things easier for them.

After your move:

  • The first step is to find out who is the current energy supplier of your new home. If the previous occupant hasn’t left these details then you can phone this helpline 0870 608 1524. Alternatively you can use the Find my Supplier website.
  • You will then need to take the meter readings and pass these onto the current supplier along with the date you moved into your new property.
  • At this point you will be placed onto a standard tariff with this supplier but it is recommended that you shop around to make sure you are getting the best possible deal. Using Which Switch should make that fairly simple.

Energy supplier customer service numbers:

Atlantic – 0800 980 9042

Better Energy- 0845 180 4000

British Gas – 0800 048 0202

Bulb – 0300 30 30 635

Co-Operative Energy – 0800 954 0693

EDF – 0800 096 9000

Eon – 0345 303 3020

Npower – 0800 073 3000

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