Should you move yourself or hire professionals?

There are a multitude of reasons you might consider moving your own belongings to your new home. Finances being the most common reason. Hiring a van and relying on help from friends and family can drastically reduce the cost of moving. But what are the risks involved with such an undertaking? This guide will highlight how using a professional service can offset some of these risks associated if you do move yourself. Ultimately ensuring the smoothest transition into your new abode.


Although you’re likely to try and take good care of your own household items. Not having the relevant experience gained from years in the industry. May mean that you end up damaging expensive furniture or electricals. Especially if you’re relying on help from friends or family. Moving things from one place to another may sound straightforward. But there are many ways for simple tasks to go wrong. Having a trained professional on hand will limit this risk.

Having a reputable company do the job also ensures that the proper equipment will be available for different situations. All of our vans come equipped with all the necessary things needed to go from A to B without any problems along the way. Your hire van will not come equipped with transit wraps, ramps or sack trucks. All important equipment for a successful move.


While you hope nothing will go wrong during your move sometimes things inevitably do. Having a professional service minimises that risk but sometimes there are scenarios out of their control as well. This is why any company you use should be fully insured for any eventuality.

If things happened to get damaged while in transit for any reason, the insurance has all of this covered. There are multiple levels of insurance depending on the value of goods being moved. If you were to move yourself and something gets damaged, you will be left out of pocket. Replacing more expensive items may add up to more than the cost of using a professional moving company in the first place.


Moving yourself is also going to take up much more of your valuable time. Due to the limited size of vans people without a special license can hire. You can double or even triple the time it takes to get your stuff from the old and into the new house. While a professional company can bring a van large enough to fit all your belongings on. A hire van may require multiple trips back and forth to achieve the same goal.

When it comes to packing your items in the run up to the move. Having the right knowledge makes this process much more efficient and speedy. Trying to juggle a full time job, looking after kids and doing the packing can take away days if not weeks of your free time. With a professional packing service, what takes the average home mover days to accomplish can usually be done within a day. Freeing you up for other commitments.

You’ve booked the day off work and you’ve managed to persuade a few friends to help out with your move. When the day comes you can’t guarantee that they will actually show up to help. This could cause major problems as you will be required to have left your old house by a certain time. This may lead to you having to try and find somebody on the day to complete the move. These last minute call outs may be twice the price of an original quote from the professionals.

Another aspect to consider is what happens after you do finally get your belongings into your new house. As it gets late in the day you’ll then have to consider starting to unpack the essentials and what furniture you may need assembled for your first night.  If you’re elderly or have young children. Having a bed or cot set up may be important. This all takes time when all you will want to be doing is relaxing with a drink as you settle into your new space. Not only will a professional company be able to move your items, they are trained to rebuild almost anything. While this does cost more money, for some the thought of re-assembling that IKEA wardrobe again doesn’t bear thinking about, especially after a stressful day of moving.

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