Tips for a stress free move 2021

So, it’s really happening, sale agreed, contracts exchanged and removal date set but before you get too excited about starting your new life in your new home there is still a lot to do to ensure a stress free move.

One of the most difficult things on removal day and causes most stress is making sure all boxes are packed and everything is ready to load to be on time for handover.  It’s not pleasant knowing that the deadline is looming and you still have half a house to pack up. 

There is nothing worse than having to tell your buyers they can’t move into their new property at the agreed time because you haven’t been organised and efficient enough in your preparation. It causes a lot of bad feeling and inconvenience for them and their removers who will now be delayed with their off load.

De clutter – get ruthless!

The key to a stress free move, organised and slick house move lies in the preparation.

Once you have your removal date, it is never too early to start your packing. The aim is to have most of the house, except for essentials, packed up at least the day before.

If everything goes to plan on the day, monies and keys should exchange around lunch time. So the morning should be spent loading the vehicle, cleaning the house and taking utility readings.

The price you receive from your movers will be determined by the size of vehicle you are going to need and how many crew members will be required to clear the house by the agreed time.  So, it makes no sense to pay to move items you don’t really need or want so to have a good clear out before your move is essential. 

It’s amazing how many people still have boxed items, usually in the loft, that have been there unopened from the last time they moved. Do you really need those children’s toys and clothes that haven’t been used in years? That keep fit equipment that was bought with the best of intentions but only used once. Check for items you’ve not used in the last 12 months.  To make your move most cost effective and efficient a bit of ruthlessness is often needed.

If you are moving long distant is may be necessary to empty and defrost your freezer. There may be some strange food combinations but try and use up what you can from your kitchen cupboards too.

Room Plan

It can be very useful to do a room plan to determine where each piece of furniture will go in your new home. There’s nothing worse than moving in and realising that your sofa is far too big for the sitting room.  If this is the case with any of the furniture it would be best to sell it first – why pay to have it moved if you cant use it?

A copy of the room plan would also be helpful for the removal crew, giving them an idea of what goes where in the new house.

Label Boxes

It is very important to label each box, both with its contents and with which room in your new home you would like the box to go. It is especially important to label the box if the items are fragile. labelling the bedroom doors in your new property 1,2 and 3 etc to coincide with the relevant labels on the boxes.

Having a rough idea of what is inside will help you to prioritise the unpacking at the other end.

Dismantle and Reassemble

If you haven’t asked your removers to provide a dismantle and reassemble service, start to dismantle bed-frames and any other large flat pack items during the week before you move. 

Utility Services

Let them know the date you are moving. Take photos of utility readings when you leave your current house and arrive at your new home. Phone ahead to get the internet set up and arrange for an engineer to come out on moving day. Arrange to have your mail forwarded by the post office.

Organise help

Moving house can be stressful, more so if there are young children and pets to think about too. Ask a friend or family member to look after them for the day so that you can concentrate on the task in hand.

Essentials kit

  • Kettle, snacks, mugs, teabags
  • Important papers such as deeds, utilities, insurances and phone numbers of estate agents, solicitors etc
  • Phone charger
  • Mini tool kit and torch
  • Overnight bags to include any special children’s cuddly toys.

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