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Decluttering your home before you move

One way to prepare for your house move, is to start decluttering some of your belongings. To get rid of the things that you haven’t used in years and are simply collecting dust. There are many ways to get rid of things that doesn’t involve a skip. Or taking it down to the local tip. There will no doubt be things that you can sell, donate to your local charity shop or pass onto family or friends. This means that you aren’t condemning things that can’t be recycled to land fill.

There will be no end of people who can benefit and appreciate the things that you may think of as redundant. Ones man’s trash is another man’s treasure as they say. If you start early before your move, you’ll have time to get pictures of the things you want to sell. You can then get them onto some internet selling websites. Or to take them to your local auction house. These things may take some time to sell. So the sooner you start the better chance you have of shifting your stuff. Putting some money in your back pocket before the day of your move.

For other items getting yourself some packing boxes is the best way to start to organise what’s happening with certain items that you’re getting rid of. Having a box labelled with the stuff for the charity shop. Or the names of specific friends or family will help to keep everything simple and efficient.


People who have lived in their family home for decades will no doubt have accumulated a lifetime’s worth of stuff, furniture is no exception. If you’re downsizing from a family house to a bungalow then furniture is a good place to start as it takes up the most amount of space. Once your family have all fled the nest you most likely won’t need multiple beds, sofas and wardrobes.

These types of items are usually easy to sell as a lot of people are keen to grab a bargain with furniture, rather than having to fork out for brand new items in the shop. Once this is done, you will have made a big step into decluttering your home.

The Loft

Most peoples attics become a graveyard for all things lost and forgotten over many years of living in the same house. Most don’t venture up there for years on end. So there will no doubt be things up there that can be disposed of one way or another. Which all helps to prepare for your upcoming house move. A lot of people keep things with sentimental value in their lofts and so these things won’t be heading for the tip. But do you really need that old suitcase with the broken handle and dodgy zip?


When we upgrade our electricals such as mobile phones or computers, we tend to have a habit of holding onto the old ones. Perhaps as a backup in case things break or go wrong. But more often than not this doesn’t happen and after a decade of upgrades we end up with a cupboard full of antiquated technology. Use your move as an excuse to let go..


Clothing is one of those things that we never stop purchasing and seemingly can never have enough of. As fashions and style changes people like to keep up with the times, but they collect rather than replace. So in time our wardrobes, beds and drawers are full to the brim with things you probably haven’t seen for years. A great place for unwanted clothing is the charity shop as they are being appreciated by somebody else. Also earning money for local charitable causes. Once you’re in your new property you’ll have plenty of wardrobe space for some new clothes to go with it.


Our garages these days are rarely ever used to park the car anymore. Instead they are used to store a huge variety of some useful and other not so useful items. Having a good think about what you haven’t used or seen in years will go a long way in condensing the contents of the garage. Tools and equipment that may be damaged beyond repair are good candidates for the tip. Other things such as paint and tiles that you’ve used in the house are best left to the new owner. In case they need to do any touch ups.

All in all the more you can get rid of before the day of the move the easier the whole process is likely to be. You may even find de-cluttering quite cathartic. Donating things will lighten your load but also brighten somebody else’s day as plenty of people stand to benefit. Not only will selling things put money directly into your pocket. It will also mean you don’t have to pay as much to move as you won’t have as much stuff.

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