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Filling your storage unit to maximise space 2021

When you come to rent a storage unit, it is always wise to utilise it to its full potential. If you don’t know how to properly stack/store your belongings you could end up needing a larger storage space than necessary, which equals more money. You may also make it much more difficult for yourself to access things that you might need every now and again. Packing your boxes ready for storage in the correct way can also help to maximise space and access. So having the knowhow from professionals can not only prevent you from spending more than needed but also just make your life a lot easier.

Clearly labelled boxes

Items should ideally be packed in boxes within their own categories, this can be anything from a collection of books, the family albums or the contents of the cutlery drawer. When you have similar items packed together in a well labelled box, it makes it much easier for you to get to the things you want. Otherwise you may end up having to open every box to find that elusive item. Wasting time and causing undue stress.


You could be storing your belongings for a week or as some people do for years on end. Which is why utilising good storing techniques could save you thousands of pounds. If you aren’t going to need access to your storage items, then condensing what you have into the smallest space possible means you don’t need an unnecessarily large storage locker. Start off with the way you pack your boxes.

If you utilise the entire space of each box, not only will you end up with less boxes, you will make stacking the locker much easier as well. Always put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box first, then each level inside the box should be getting lighter. Boxes not filled to the top with crumple as soon as any weight is placed on top of it, meaning you can’t stack as high and so wasting valuable space. This also helps prevents your stack from collapsing over time reducing the risk of damage.

Have specific boxes just for your fragile items like glass and ornaments so that these boxes can be properly protected. Do not overload these boxes as you’ll need plenty of cushioning to help prevent any damage. Once it’s sufficiently well protected, seal the box and label accordingly.

Top Tip: As well as labelling as fragile also label as a ‘Top box’, so that when you’re stacking in the locker you’ll know not to put any weight on them and have these boxes at the top of the load.


When it comes to stacking all your belongings into the locker. Start with the sturdy furniture as the base of a tier, then some of your heavier boxes onto that. Ideally getting lighter the higher you go, until you have some space left at the top of the stack for lighter or fragile things such as bags or lamps. Then repeat this for the next tier. If you follow this method you will save money with a smaller storage unit and you’ll know your items will be safe from damage. A great way to maximise storage space is to ensure you leave no hole left unfilled. This means finding simple ways to condense your load even further. When you have furniture like wardrobes and drawers, make sure you fill these spaces with boxes, bags or anything that fits. That way you can make every square foot count.

Packing Materials

Another invaluable tip for storage is to use the right materials when it comes to packing your items. Having some good quality double-skinned boxes will not only help protect your belongings, but also make it easier to stack them higher. With the single-skinned boxes they tend to crumple underweight very easily, no matter how well packed they are. Especially when storing for long periods of time. You may also want to buy some acid free tissue paper, this ensures nothing is going to react with your prized possessions over time.

Write an inventory

Once you have everything packed into boxes, it’s important that you make a list of every item in your storage unit. This way you’ll know exactly what you have in your locker without having to dig through everything to look. Inventories can also be used for insurance purposes should something happen to your belongings while they’re being stored.

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